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Your compliance
powered by BCompliant

Outsource your compliance to BCompliant and increase your internal bandwidth and growth.


Why property managers & building owners choose BCompliant

White Glove Service

We function as a member of your compliance team. Let us proactively manage & minimize the risk of penalties on your properties.

More Than Compliance

Leave local laws and compliance to us. Get back to what's most important to you: your tenants and core business.

Your Insurance Policy

We won't miss a deadline - but if we do your violations and penalties fall on us, and never on you.

Violations Management

Tracking and reporting on all new complaints, violations, and compliance deadlines (will attend hearings and handle resolution for an addtional fee)


Consult & coordinate local law 11 facade Inspections

HPD Certificate of Corrections

Consult & file upcoming HPD Certificate of Corrections for HPD violations

Gas Piping

Consult & coordinate local law 152 gas piping inspections

Bed Bug Report

Consult & file bed bug reports


Consult & coordinate local law 84 benchmark filings

Indoor Allergins

Coordinate all allergen inspections

Energy Audit

Consult & coordinate local law 87 energy inspections

Water Storage Tank

Consult & coordinate annual bacteriological water test

Elevator CAT 1

Consult & coordinate local law 152 gas piping inspections

Pool / Sauna Permit

Coordinate & file all permit filings

Periodic Elevator Inspections

Consult & advise annual periodic elevator inspections

Petroleum Bulk Storage

Coordinate & file all PBS renewals

Elevator CAT 5

Coordinate all CAT 5 elevator inspections


Consult & file for all RPIE filings including short and long form

DEP Boiler

Consult & file boiler registrations every 3 years


Coordinate & file all DHCR filings

Marquee / Canopy

Consult & renew for annual required permits with DOT

Condo / Co-Op Tax Abatement

Coordinate & file all condo / co-op tax abatement filings

Cooling Tower

Consult & coordinate annual report filings

Parapet Inspections

Consult & coordinate parapet obstervation inspections

5-Year FDNY Tests

Consult & coordinate all 5-year FDNY tests

CO / TCO Renewals

Coordinate all certificate of occupancy and certificate of occupancy renewals

FDNY Permit Renewals

Coordinate & file renewals and permit payments


Coordinate insurance for all building work

Fire Safety Plan

Advise & coordinate updates of FSP annually

Violations Management

Tracking and reporting on all new complaints, violations, and compliance deadlines (will attend hearings and handle resolution for an additional fee)


Consult & coordinate annual backflow inspections

Regulator Signs

Consult to ensure all proper building signage is posted

DOB Boiler

Consult & coordinate annual boiler inspections

HPD Registration

Consult & file annual HPD registrations


Organize consultations and meetings with management to ensure best practices of compliance are proactively managed


What our back-office compliance covers

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